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A Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem at Easter, A.D. 1697
Henry Maundrell
AUD $68.95

A Tour in Scotland and Voyage to the Hebrides, 1772
Thomas Pennant
AUD $58.95

Across the Empty Quarter: Great Journeys
Wilfred Thesiger
AUD $12.95

Adventures in the Rocky Mountains: Great Journeys
Isabella Bird
AUD $12.95

Amber, Furs And Cockle (Re-Issue)
Anne Mustoe
AUD $32.95

Begums, Thugs and White Mughals
Fanny Parkes
AUD $29.95

Borneo, Celebes, Aru: Great Journeys
Wallace Alfred Russel
AUD $12.95

Can-Cans, Cats and Cities of Ash: Great Journeys
Mark Twain
AUD $12.95

Cobra's Heart: Great Journeys The
Kapuscinski Ryszard
AUD $12.95

Congo & the Cameroons: Great Journeys
Mary Kingsley
AUD $12.95

Cuba with Pen and Pencil
Samuel Hazard
AUD $34.95

Customs of the Kingdom of India: Great Journeys The
Marco Polo
AUD $12.95

Escape from Antarctica: Great Journeys
Ernest Shackleton
AUD $12.95

Face of Spain
Wakefield Press
AUD $24.95

Fighting in Spain: Great Journeys
George Orwell
AUD $12.95

From the Meadows of Gold: Great Journeys
AUD $12.95

Grand Canal, Great River
Phillip WATSON
AUD $49.95

Hunt for the Southern Continent: Great Journeys The
James Cook
AUD $12.95

In the Heart of the Amazon Forest: Great Journeys
Bates Walter Henry
AUD $12.95

Ionian Sea
George Gissing
AUD $102.00

Jaguars and Electric Eels: Great Journeys
von Humboldt Alexander
AUD $12.95

AUD $18.95

Journey To the End of the Russian Empire: Great Journeys A
Anton Chekhov
AUD $12.95

Life on the Golden Horn: Great Journeys
Montagu Mary Wortley
AUD $12.95

Old Provence
T Cook
AUD $46.75

Piracy, Shipwreck and Flying Foxes: Great Journeys
William Dampier
AUD $12.95

Race to the South Pole
AUD $39.95

Remote People
Evelyn Waugh
AUD $22.00

Rise of Oriental Travel
Gerald MacLean
AUD $157.00

Road to Oxiana The
Robert Byron
AUD $22.95

Romantic in Spain
T Gautier
AUD $35.50

Roughing It
Mark Twain;Elizabeth Frank
AUD $12.52

Shipwrecked Man: Great Journeys
Cabeza de Vaca Alvar Nunez
AUD $12.95

Snakes with Wings & Gold-Digging Ants: Great Journeys
AUD $12.95

Sold as a Slave: Great Journeys
Equiano Olaudah
AUD $12.95

South Indian Journey: The Smile of Murugan A
Wood Michael
AUD $26.95

Tequila Oil
Thomson Hugh
AUD $49.99

AUD $18.95

The Rise of Oriental Travel
Maclean Gerald
AUD $64.00

The Silent Traveller in Oxford
Chiang Yee
AUD $36.95

The Travels of Sir John Maundeville, 1322-1356
EC Coleman
AUD $24.95

The Way of the World
Nicholas Bouvier
AUD $34.95

Thirty Years in the South Seas
Richard Parkinson
AUD $157.50

To the Hebrides
Samuel Johnson
AUD $30.95

To the Holy Shrines: Great Journeys
Richard Burton
AUD $12.95

Trader Horn
Alfred HORN
AUD $37.95

AUD $26.95

Travels in Wicklow, West Kerry and Connemara
Wakefield Press
AUD $24.95

Two Years in the French West Indies
L Hearn
AUD $46.75

With the Beduins: A Narrative of Journeys and Adventures in Unfrequented Parts of Syria
Gray Hill
AUD $85.95

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