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Newsletter 11 September 2009

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With Compliments
Judy, Michael, Derek

Dear reader,
"Beyond the Secret" DVD, the follow up to the world wide phenomenon "The Secret" has arrived, full of advice to take you to your full potential and desires in life. It is wonderful to see that the there is now a follow on to "The Secret" specifically for Teenagers, a time in their lives when alternative ways of approaching life can have enormous impact on their futures. In time to revitalise our selves for summer is "Healthy Living" and a range of titles, including calenders, to explore, with a thought perhaps to start that Christmas shopping early.
Love Derek, Michael and Judy.

New Book by Paul Harrington

The Secret to Teen Power by Paul Harrington $24.99

Since its original publication, "The Secret" has inspired millions to live extraordinary lives."The Secret to Teen Power" makes the knowledge of the law of attraction accessible and relevant to today's teens. It explains the law of attraction in relation to teen issues such as friends and relationships, schoolwork, and self-image. It explains how teens can transform their own lives and live their dreams, by understanding and using the power they have in their hands. "The Secret to Teen Power" promises to follow the path of "The Secret Buy Here>>

New DVD by Anthem Pictures

BEYOND THE SECRET DVD by Anthem Pictures $34.95
Description: The Secret sold over 4.5 million copies when it was released in 2006, now comes the mind-blowing sequel, Beyond the Secret!
The master teachers in Beyond the Secret share powerful information and exciting new ways of thinking. This DVD is fully loaded with easy-to-understand ideas and practical advice that you can start using today to achieve whatever you want in life!
There are many times in our lives that we stop, look at the road ahead Buy Here>>

New Book by Diana Cooper

NEW LIGHT ON ANGELS by Diana Cooper $27.99
I believe in angels is the title of a well-known song but do we really? In A New Light on Angels, we meet everyday folk who have experienced angels in their lives. Yes, angels do exist; they are highly evolved beings that have a higher and faster vibrational rate than humans and are, thus, normally invisible to us. Many angels have chosen to serve humanity and are available to help, support, heal and guide us all we have to do is ask! There are small angels that look after the little everyday tasks and enormous beings that over-light the great universal projects Buy Here>>

New Book by Anne Selby

Healthy Living: Chakra Energy Plan by Anne Selby $24.99
The practical 7-step program to energize and revitalize
Discover how you can work with your chakras and follow the ultimate formula for health and vitality

Energy is the root of all life. We now know that everything – our own bodies included – is comprised of energy that is in constant motion. When its flow is blocked, reduced or thown out of balance, we become ill, whether on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. Keeping our energy vortices Buy Here>>

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