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Newsletter 29 October 2009

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With Compliments
Judy, Michael, Derek

Dear reader,
Finally Neale Donald Walsch has released his much anticipated new DVD. Now you can watch Neale having conversations with God in the simplistic yet powerful style that is present in all his work. Somehow he manages to receive simple answers to the most complex questions. Kerry Spackman shows us how to re-wire our brains and get out of any ruts or patterns we feel stuck in. James Allen has released a beautiful lifetime edition of his famous bestseller "As a Man Thinketh" now also including his "Eight Pillars of Prosperity" text. Those who missed Esther and Jerry Hicks on tour will be happy to hear that we have the tour live on a 2 DVD set. Happy browsing and don't forget to start your xmas shopping early.
Love Derek, Michael and Judy.

New DVD by Neale Donald Walsch

Introducing Neale Donald Walsch—God's Latest Scribe? DVD by Neale Donald Walsch $29.95
What If "You" Had the Chance to Interview God . . .? It was a dark night of the soul. The end of the line. Neale Donald Walsch had hit rock-bottom. He had a broken neck and was destitute, yet he clawed his way with grim, dumpster-diving determination back from the abyss. Back from the brink. Back to a "normal" life. And inevitably, back to the same old worries and concerns that had always plagued him--and that plague us all: relationships, money, health, and the future. Still Buy Here>>

New DVD by Esther and Jerry Hicks

Law of Attraction Live in Australia 2 DVD set DVD by Esther and Jerry Hicks $29.95

Missed the 2008 Law of Attraction tour? No worries! This is the exclusive DVD featuring Esther and Jerry Hicks LIVE for the very first time in Australia!

 More than 20 years ago, Esther and Jerry tapped into an interdimensional voice that answered life's most perplexing questions, and they've taken this message—The Law of Attraction—to all corners of the world to anyone who was asking. For the first time in 2008, Esther and Jerry brought the Law of Attraction and the work of

Abraham to thrilled audiences in Sydney Buy Here>>

New Book by Kerry Spackman

The Winner's Bible: Rewire Your Brain for Permanent Change by Kerry Spackman $25.42
The Winner's Bible gives readers mental and emotional tools that change their natural desires and rid them of habits that limit their happiness or potential. Dr. Spackman provides practical, proven techniques for acquiring the strengths necessary to grow into a better, happier, and more powerful person. He's used these techniques to genuinely revolutionize the lives of normal people, sports stars, business people and even drug addictssometimes in a single session.  Buy Here>>

New Book by James Allen

As a Man Thinketh: Keepsake Edition by James Allen $22.42
This handsome lifetime edition of the beloved and bestselling inspirational classic features the complete original text plus a special bonus work: "Eight Pillars of Prosperity," James Allen's final and most practical work.
Few modern books of inspiration have touched as many lives as James Allen's "As a Man Thinketh." It is a truly transcendent work that has sold millions of copies since it first appeared in the early twentieth century, and continues to reach countless readers in the twenty-first. Now Buy Here>>

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