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Newsletter 3 December 2009

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With Compliments
Judy, Michael, Derek

Dear reader,
We are happy to announce a new book by Brandon Bays called "Consciousness The New Currency". Brandon Bays pioneered Journey Therapy which is now used around the world in nearly every country. Her new work is a practical step-by-step and easy to follow method of clearing blockages to health and wealth in your life.
Belinda Grace, with her new oracle deck, reminds you that "You Are Clairvoyant", but then you already knew we would say that.
Michael Beckwith from The Secret brings us "True Abundance: Practices for Living from the Overflow". The perfect CD to remind you about what you already know :-)
For children we have a set of 3 Zen Tails discounted for Christmas.
Judy, Michael and Derek.

New Book by Brandon Bays

Authors Brandon Bays and Kevin Billett
In this groundbreaking, inspiring and interactive book, Brandon Bays and Kevin Billett take your on a powerful journey which will explode the limiting paradigms that have kept you from experiencing unbridled fulfillment in your life. Step by step, the practical, effective process work will clear the fear-consciousness, emotional blocks and deeply-held negative beliefs that have compromised your ability to manifest healthy abundance. The unique and liberating teachings open you directly into your own boundless potential Buy Here>>

New Cards by Belinda Grace

You Are Clairvoyant Oracle Cards Cards by Belinda Grace $34.99
BelindaGrace's first book, You are Clairvoyant, published in 2007 is one of the highest selling Australian Mind Body Spirit books in the last two years. Belinda Grace, has created a beautiful Oracle card set based upon the You are Clairvoyant book. All 44 oracle cards are beautifully illustrated to be uplifting and helpful, assisted by a booklet with card layouts.

The card layouts are nice and simple:

- Divine Guidance for Specific Issues and Questions - pulling a single card and working with its message. - A Daily Message from Your Angels and Guides - If no specific issue Buy Here>>

New CD by Michael Beckwith

True Abundance: Practices for Living from the Overflow CD by Michael Beckwith $25.94
When we find ourselves wanting more money or material wealth, what is it that our souls are really seeking? According to Michael Bernard Beckwith, what we long for is "true abundance"--the overflowing treasure of divine energy that is all around us at all times. On True Abundance, this visionary teacher brings listeners practical and accessible techniques for breaking free of our limited view of prosperity and connecting to the bounty that is always available to us Buy Here>>

Zen Tails 3 Book Gift Set, Discounted, by Peter Whitfield

A Set of 3 Zen Tails Children's Books Christmas Special by Peter Whitfield $29.85 $9.99
67% Off

Buy the SET of 3 for $9.99 before Christmas SAVE $19.85
Set is:
1. Hapiness Is Sharing
2. Love Is Helping
3. Wisdom Is Listening

1. Hapiness Is Sharing
Happiness is subtitled Happiness is Sharing. It shows the student characters sharing with each other and they are happy. Grizzel Bear is not sharing and he is alone and he is not happy. In the end he does decide to share and he then experiences happiness. Parents can use this story and relate it to their child’s own experiences of sharing or not sharing Buy Here>>

Christmas Gift Ideas

Don Burke
$29.95 $24.99
17% Off

Buy Here>>
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