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Newsletter 1 April 2010

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With Compliments
Judy, Michael, Derek

Dear reader,
The latest DVD The Law of Attraction in Action by Esther and Jerry Hicks is now available. Just released the new book True Prosperity: How to Have Everything by Yehuda Berg
Robin Sharma shares skills needed to excel in career and life in his latest book The Leader Who Had No Title. Denise Lynn has just published her latest book Unlock the Secret Messages of Your Body, the 28-Day Jump-Start Program for Radiant Health and Glorious Vitality.
We have a must read selection of new release titles and books on 2012 and the Mayan calendar plus a choice of CDs and DVDs.
Enjoy as we do. Judy, Michael and Derek.

New Book by Yehuda Berg

True Prosperity: How to Have Everything by Yehuda Berg $25.42
Money is spiritual, not material, and its attainment involves utilizing a spiritual business plan the Universe has blueprinted for us. In "True Prosperity, " Yehuda Berg reveals the secret key to abundance: be the cause in life, not the effect. This entails taking responsibility, breaking chains of routine thinking and guilt, and using stress as a surfboard to ride to new levels of wealth and achievement. By arming oneself with certainty, one can overcome The Competitor (code word for Ego) Buy Here>>

New Book by Robin Sharma

The Leader Who Had No Title by Robin Sharma $34.49
From "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" author comes an inspiring parable about the skills needed to excel in career and life.
For more than fifteen years, Robin Sharma has been quietly sharing with Fortune 500 companies and many of the super-rich a success formula that has made him one of the most sought-after leadership advisers in the world. Now, for the first time, Sharma makes his proprietary process available to you, so that you can get to your absolute best while helping your organization break through to a dramatically new level of winning in these wildly uncertain times. In "The Leader Who Had No Title Buy Here>>

New Book by Denise Linn

Unlock the Secret Messages of Your Body!: The 28-Day Jump-Start Program for Radiant Health and Glorious Vitality by Denise Linn $23.92
"Your body is a receiving station for messages from Spirit. " "When you clearly hear these secret messages, your life is far richer than you previously thought imaginable." All your history is lodged in the cells and DNA of your body. Your decisions, judgments, old patterns, and beliefs are also stored there. Using this 28-day program, you'll unweave negative programming and anchor new spiritual changes into the physical realm. By exploring and clearing the hidden blockages within your body--and following the practical Buy Here>>

New DVD by Esther and Jerry Hicks

Getting Into The Vortex!: The Law of Attraction in Action, Episode XII DVD by Esther and Jerry Hicks $29.95
2-DVD set
"You didn't come to 'get it done'. You came for the thrill of the ride." New questions on: staying positive around a negative friend, why bad things can happen when you're feeling good, death - of - a - child issues, she's lost her trust in men, why are we all here, do we ultimately pay for harming others? And - how to hear your own Inner Voice Plus: Abraham issues a call-out to society: "To the leaders of your world, to the leaders of your organizations Buy Here>>

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