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Newsletter 22 April 2010

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With Compliments
Judy, Michael, Derek

Dear reader,
Journey To Wesak is a beautiful small hardback book full of pictures with DVD depicting the journey to Wesak in 1985 by a team including author Albert Falzon
The latest book Finding Your Soul Mate by Paul Fenton Smith is now available and is a truely essential guide to anyone seeking their Soul Mate, or maybe already has a soul mate and need to know?
Psychic medium John Edward in his new book After Life; Answers From The Other Side by John Edward takes his talents to new levels and elaborates on how mediumship works on the Other Side.
Qigong specialist Simon Blow has re released 3 of his best selling DVDs and this time with Accompanying book including The Art of Life.
We have also included a wonderful selection of new Book, CD and DVD releases for your perusal. Enjoy as we do
Judy, Michael and Derek

New DVD by Albert Falzon

Journey to the WESAK VALLEY In Tibet DVD by Albert Falzon $49.95
This beautifully produced DVD contains two 30 minute programs on the Wesak Festival:
* The Film Journey, with no narrative has beautiful backing music and sounds.
* The Photographic Journey, is a combination of still and moving images narrated by Michael Clemo Breen.
Includes an 80 page colour book of photographs and text outlining the journey and the festival in the Wesak Valley.
Before 1985 awareness of the Wesak Festival which occurs in the “Wesak Valley” in the Himalayan Mountain region was only a legend in the “western” world. Though some had seen the festival in dreams and visions.
The Wesak Festival itself Buy Here>>

New Book by Paul Fenton-Smith

Finding Your Soul Mate by Paul Fenton-Smith $29.95
With Internet dating websites boasting over 1 million single members in Australia, it seems that 5% of all Australians are actively seeking a soul mate. While these people are searching for love, for many it is proving elusive. Why are so many single, available and attractive people unable to find what they seek in a partner? "Before we can effectively embrace new relationship opportunities, it is essential that there is room in our lives and in our hearts for someone new Buy Here>>

New Book by John Edward

After Life: Answers from the Other Side by John Edward $22.42
Internationally acclaimed psychic medium John Edward takes his talents to new levels and new countries in his fourth book, "AFTER LIFE: Answers from the Other Side."
" "Join John and a documentary crew " Down Under" in Australia and across the United States, where he demonstrates once again that grief, healing, and hope are eternally intertwined and universal. John answers your most often-asked questions about how the mediumship process works on the " other side Buy Here>>

New DVD by Simon Blow

The Art of Life Book with DVD No 1. DVD by Simon Blow $34.95
The Chinese healing arts have a long, proud history of over 5,000 years, and combines meditation, relaxation, physical movement, mind-body integration and breathing exercises to restore harmony to mind, body and spirit.

Australian Qigong Master Simon Blow has created a unique series of three Book/DVDs incorporating his own healing journey from a near-fatal accident at the age of 19 to becoming an inspiring, internationally respected teacher. In The Art of Life Buy Here>>

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