Ginger and Ganesh, Cool Sports Dad, Fusible Magic, Depression Glass
Newsletter 6 May 2010

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With Compliments
Judy, Michael, Derek

Dear reader,
Books give us entry to so many worlds, just with the power of our eyes and imagination. Enjoy this week’s many diverse worlds. Ginger and Ganesh, just the name gets the taste buds and senses stampeding. Cool Sports Dad, a Dad’s direct line to the world’s sport experts with everything to impress their kids. Me and My Sewing Machine, how it works & save me tips, as well as a sewing guide. Bringing Nature Home, a home biodiversity guide to feed & shelter all our locals. The Complete Root Cellar Book, even for apartments & houses, how to build it, energy technologies to enhance it & storing methods.
Enjoy! Judy, Michael and Derek.

New Book by Candice Cooper

Felted Jewelry: 20 Stylish Designs by Candice Cooper $22.42
Felting is not just for fashion—it’s great for jewelry too! Plus, the craft’s quick, easy, and inexpensive: all you need is wool, soap, water, your hands, and a sense of fun. Aimed at both general crafters and jewelry artists, this rich collection--now in paperback--offers an accessible introduction to the important techniques, including forming a flat sheet of felt; shaping the felt ball; adding embellishments; and stringing and wirework. Plus, it’s packed with trendy beading and needlework ideas. The jewelry box of 20 boutique-worthy projects features boldly colored stickpins Buy Here>>

New Book by David Fischer

Cool Sports Dad: 100 Amazing Sporting Feats to Impress and Teach Your Kid by David Fischer $28.72
Kids look up to their dads. Dads have to be able to break in a new baseball glove (and to know which glove is age-appropriate), to answer every question imaginable (why is a football called a pigskin?), to teach their child how to throw a knuckleball, skate backwards on hockey skates, or spin a basketball on one fingertip. When it comes to sports, dads are expected to know and do everything. Such an amazing dad is rare. For the rest of us, there's Cool Sports Dad Buy Here>>

New Book by Nani Power

Ginger and Ganesh: Adventures in Indian Cooking, Culture, and Friendship by Nani Power $45.00
"Please teach me Indian cooking I will bring ingredients and pay you for your trouble. I would like to know about your culture as well." And with this posting on Craigslist, so begins Nani Power's journey to learn traditional Indian cooking in the most ancient of ways--woman to woman. Welcomed warmly into the homes of strangers, Power meets women of all ages and backgrounds, and from them learns the skills that were passed on to them from their own mothers. Power takes the reader into a culture Buy Here>>

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