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Newsletter 17 May 2010

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With Compliments
Judy, Michael, Derek

Dear reader,
Michael Rowland new movie Being In Heaven is now available. This movie is life changing and is created by one of the masters of inspiration, motivation and transformation.
Oracle of Shadows & Light Cards by Lucy Cavendish Created by bestselling author Lucy Cavendish and brimming with enchanting illustrations by the acclaimed artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith.
Mindfulness and the Brain: 6 CD set, a Professional Training in the Science and Practice of Meditative Awareness by renowned meditation teacher Jack Kornfield
Karla McLaren in her new book The Language of Emotions suggests a radical new perspective: that all of our emotions are equally important messengers.
This week we enjoy bringing to you a fascinating and stimulating selection of new books, CDs, DVDs, Tarot and Oracle cards.
Enjoy! Judy, Michael and Derek.

New DVD by Michael Rowland; Daniel Whyte

Being In Heaven DVD by Michael Rowland; Daniel Whyte $29.95
Being in Heaven' is unlike any other film. It is a transformational experience. Even though a fascinating story, you also discover it is something that can show you how to make rapid and brilliant improvements in every area of your life in practical and simple ways.
Use this special and unique film event to reposition yourself for a more fulfilling and deeper experience of living.
Now is the time, you are the person and here is your opportunity.
How to Create Your Life
Your future can be something that is either a repeat of the past Buy Here>>

New Cards by Lucy Cavendish

Oracle of Shadows & Light Cards by Lucy Cavendish $34.95
"Once, we walked between the worlds, and interacted with spirit beings who shared great wisdoms and truths with us. Our connection to the truth of our own spirit, and to these sacred beings offered us protection, guidance and signs, and working together, we created divine lives of purpose, meaning, and creativity. Over time, we were told to mistrust these voices, and so we began to walk alone, often falling, becoming lost, and refusing to listen to the guidance Spirit offered us Buy Here>>

New CD by Jack Kornfield

Mindfulness and the Brain: 6 CDs 6 hours, 30 minutes CD by Jack Kornfield $89.95
A Professional Training in the Science and Practice of Meditative Awareness
Renowned meditation teacher Kornfield and acclaimed neurobiologist Siegel present a professional training course on the powerful intersection of mindfulness and modern science.
The Buddha Meets Neurobiology in the Science of Heightened Awareness
Mindful awareness creates scientifically recognized enhancements in our mental functions and interpersonal relationships. But how can we integrate this information into our personal or professional lives? In the Mindfulness and the Brain audio learning course Buy Here>>

New Book by Karla McLaren

The Language of Emotions: What Your Feelings Are Trying to Tell You by Karla McLaren $28.42
Most of us relate to our emotions by either running from the difficult ones or clinging to the pleasant ones. Karla McLaren suggests a radical new perspective: that all of our emotions are equally important messengers, ready to assist us in acting with full awareness and integrity. With The Language of Emotions, this empathic counselor and researcher gives us a breakthrough guide toward a new and empowering relationship with our feeling states. As a practical lexicon for working with a full spectrum of emotions Buy Here>>

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