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With Compliments
Judy, Michael, Derek

Dear reader,
We are delighted to include a range of children’s books in Audio Book format i.e. CD & MP3, which are excellent value for quiet reading/listening whilst travelling or simply sitting back & enjoying with your children. Be careful that you don’t go to sleep first. The Quiet Book, a gentle book on the many kinds of quiet in a child’s life. Boo Cow, a mysterious ghostly bovine Mooooooooos on the farm puts the hen’s off laying. Spiderlings, a highly original book lavishly illustrated and factually accurate, on Spiders and their families, for curious and brave children. Most Brilliant, Boldly Going Book of Exploration Ever... , The Brainwaves, hilarious little mischief-makers, take children on the incredible journeys of famous explorers. Bindi Wildlife Adventures: Audio Book, travel , adventure, animals, exciting stories read by Bindi Irwin.
Enjoy! Judy Michael and Derek.

New Book by Andrew Daddo

Skoz the Dog: Up in the Air by Andrew Daddo $12.99
The problem with being a sleepwalking dog is you don?t have a clue where you are when you wake up!
When Skoz finds himself falling from a great height -- with no parachute -- he has no idea how he got there. Lucky he has those floppy ears ... how is our sleepwalking dog going to get himself out of this one?
Age 7+
Andrew Daddo is one of Australia’s most popular television personalities. He started writing for children in 2001, when his first collection of stories Buy Here>>

New Book by Dawn Jeffers

Beautiful Moon by Dawn Jeffers $11.93
There are so many things to do every day that it's hard to find time to do them all. But what if days could go on forever? What if nighttime never came?

With the help of a moonlit night, a little girl's fantasy becomes reality. In a wink the moon grants her wish for a day that never ends. She plays until exhausted and wishes for night to come so she can rest.

Ages 4-8 Buy Here>>

New Book by Vivian French

Tiara Club:36:Princess Rebeccas and the Lion Cub by Vivian French $12.99
The Tulip Room princesses are thrilled when they ride to the end-of-term ball on an elephant--but they spot a lion cub in peril Will Rebecca save the day?

About the Author
Vivian French is the author of more than 100 children's books, including Growing Frogs, A Present for Mom, and The Story of Christmas.

Age Group: 5 to 08  Buy Here>>

New Book by Patricia Goehner Baehr

Boo Cow by Patricia Goehner Baehr $22.42
Every night at midnight Mr. and Mrs. Noodleman hear mysterious Moooooooos on their farm. The eerie sound echoes through the chicken coop, and the hens dont lay no eggs. The novice farmers are at a loss; how can they banish a ghostly bovine visitor so their hens will lay eggs? Unexpected twists keep readers guessing.

Age Group: 04 to 08 Buy Here>>

New Book by Antonio Calibrisello

Spiderlings by Antonio Calibrisello $24.95
Spiderlings are baby spiders. This is an extraordinary, lavishly illustrated and factually accurate book about spiders and their families that is both fascinating and just a little bit creepy-in the nicest possible way. Antonio Calibrisello is an Australian arachnologist and Nadia Turner is an Australian illustrator. The highly original book is perfectly suited for curious but brave children aged 6 to 9 years. Buy Here>>

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