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Newsletter 9 July 2010

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With Compliments
Judy, Michael, Derek

Dear reader,
Like our baby Rainbow’s we have fixated a little on food, but only a little. As usual we have included a big range of books for you to browse through and enjoy. Screaming to Be Heard, hormone connections women suspect & doctors still ignore, not just for the menopausal. Storage with Style, organize your home & life stylishly. Winter of Our Disconnect, so much to communicate with, but are we communicating less? Maze, opens the door to one of the world’s best restaurants and its recipes. Dinosaur Origami, exploring the prehistoric with paper for those dinosaur fanatics. Gardening in the Tropics, establish a luxuriant tropical garden covering over 500 varieties of tropical plants as well as pests and diseases.
Enjoy! Judy Michael and Derek

New Book by Max Burns

Country and Cottage Water Systems: A Complete Out-Of-The-City Guide to On-Site Water and Sewage Systems, Including Pumps, Plumbing, Water Purification by Max Burns $59.93

"This indispensable guide will save those who live or spend their leisure time in rural areas time, money and headaches."

Packed with solid, easy-to-understand advice -- and clear, detailed illustrations -- "Country and Cottage Water Systems" takes the mystery out of rural water systems and their components. Whether planning a new system or updating, expanding or fixing an existing one, the ideas, the know-how and the solutions are all here.

The book includes tips for do-it-yourselfers Buy Here>>

New Book by Reader's Digest

Cookies: Biscuits Bars & Brownies by Reader's Digest $29.99
When it comes to delicious cookie treats, this colourful cookbook has it all - from chunky chocolate chip-filled cookies and gooey, jam-packed sandwiches to rich, fudgy brownies and delicate, buttery shortbreads. In all, it has 420 scrumptious recipes, allowing you to create something special for birthdays, family gatherings, picnics, cake stalls and just about every other occasion can think of. Popular Australian confections such as chocolate crackles, Anzac biscuits Buy Here>>

New Book by Matthew Edlund

The Power of Rest: Discover Why Sleep Alone Isn't Enough by Matthew Edlund $49.99
Rest is vital to our well being. As important as adequate hydration and nourishing foods, the human need for rest is often overlooked and can be the first thing compromised when we are stressed and busy. Some of us have lived in such a state of adrenal depletion, the hormonal system that regulates our energy levels, that we have forgotten how to rest. Seriously! Our heart, minds, and central nervous systems are overloaded and maxxed out. We are having difficulty sleeping and even more often Buy Here>>

New Book by Marie McDonald

Discover the pleasures of the 'little dishes from Spain', the appetisers that stimulate conversation and ease the day. Whole mushrooms glazed with garlic and sherry vinegar, olives dripping in marinade, gazpacho and empanadas, blue cheese and anchovy tarts - the variety is endless. It offers recipes for dips, small fried parcels, fritters, small soups, seafood, cured meats and cheese. The whole world comes to the table when tapas is served. Tapas has evolved into an entire and sometimes sophisticated cuisine designed to encourage conversation because people are not as focused on eating an entire meal. Sections include breakfast tapas Buy Here>>

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