Healing Walks, Brain Games for Dogs, Tatting Jewellery, Being Dad
Newsletter 12 August 2010

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Dear reader,
Winter is drawing to a close (thank goodness) and with Spring almost on our door steps, it is time to explore something new and fresh like the winds of spring. Brain Games for Dogs, fun ways to build a strong bond with your dog and provide it with vital mental stimulation. Seasonal Fruit Desserts, nearly the season for all those delicious fruits so explore some new ways to enjoy them. White Silk, Dark Chocolate, and a Little Bit of Magic, life is good and we are good in it, celebrate life. Healing Walks for Hard Times, physical movement to quiet your mind, strengthen your body, and get your life back. Japanese Cocktails, something unique for that special gathering. The Great Trees of London, if only we could see what they have seen, for those nature & history lovers. Crochet So Fine, modern design with fine yarns, quick, easy & exquisite. Enjoy! Judy, Michael Derek

New Book by Barbara Herrick

White Silk, Dark Chocolate, and a Little Bit of Magic: Life Is Good and We Are Good in It by Barbara Herrick $24.95
Barbara Herrick celebrates the down-to-earth and the lofty, the mundane and the profound in our everyday lives. We enter our glory years, full tilt, our heads and hearts high. Our midyears are when we finally find our place and our peace, when we are powerful, when we are well and well-rewarded, when were the best at what we do, when we discover that life is good and we are good in it. This beautifully crafted and designed book celebrates women, their lives, their sorrows Buy Here>>

New Book by Hugo M D Rodier

Licking Sweet Death: Energy & Information to Stop Sugarcoating Your Addiction to Processed Foods by Hugo M D Rodier $45.00
There is an epidemic sweeping the country. It kills more people than any other disease or any war. Obesity and diabetes are changing the way we look and how our bodies function. We are poisoning our cells so that they cannot communicate with each other effectively. The statistics are well known, and they are only getting worse. So what is really going on? It boils down to something called "insulin resistance." Your body has between 50-100 trillion cells in it. These cells respond to insulin in a variety of ways that are necessary for a healthy Buy Here>>

New Book by Dr Paul Ehrlich

Asthma Allergies Children: A Parent's Guide by Dr Paul Ehrlich $39.95
Asthma and allergies are at epidemic proportions. It doesn't have to be that way. Two experienced pediatric allergists tell everything a conscientious parent needs to know about these conditions, the best in approved treatments, behavioral changes that can help control them, what families can do to reduce the toll that even severe asthma and allergies take on their lives, the myths and realities of alternative treatments and food allergies, skin allergies, advice for support groups Buy Here>>

New Book by Lyn Morton

Tatting Jewellery by Lyn Morton $26.92
A surprising and inventive take on tatting, one of the oldest forms of lace making.
This detailed guide offers dozens of patterns for using metallic threads, vibrant beads, and inexpensive jewelry fittings to create fantastic necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and earrings in intricate filigree designs. Readers can customize the results by choosing the colors and threads they like best to produce one-of-a-kind accessories that will complement any outfit. It's a feast of inspired Buy Here>>

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