Body Renewal, Cake Pops, The Confidence Gap, A Taste of the Unexpected
Newsletter 7 September 2010

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With Compliments
Judy and Michael

Dear reader,
Body Renewal, the lost art of self-repair. Cake Pops by Bakerella, cuter than a cupcake, a cake pop, something new and fun. What Can I Do to Help? , Deborah Hutton's guide for those that want to help but don’t know how. Knitting Motifs for Babies and Kids, 50 design inspirations for using on everything. A Taste of the Unexpected, life is too short to grow the ordinary, explore the forgotten flavours. Rustic Elegance, luxury, comfort, history and innovation, just beautiful. The Whimsical Bakehouse, fun to make cakes that taste and look fantastic. The Confidence Gap, a clear and simple self-help guide to gaining long lasting confidence.
Enjoy! As we love to. Judy and Michael

New Book by Kaye Hansen

The Whimsical Bakehouse: Fun-To-Make Cakes That Taste as Good as They Look by Kaye Hansen $25.40
Three neon-bright layers of cake, tilted at a jaunty angle and adorned with edible chocolate candles; a Jackson Pollocku inspired cheesecake spattered with chocolate, caramel, and peanut butter icing; and a swarm of plump bees perched atop a rainbow of candy-colored cupcakes these are only a few examples of the unfettered creativity at work at the Riviera Bakehouse. There, mother-daughter bakers Kaye and Liv Hansen turn out some of the most charming, refreshingly eccentric cakes ever to grace a birthday or wedding celebration.

Kaye and Liv believe that a cake should taste as good as it looks Buy Here>>

New Book by Reader's Digest

Complete Book of Herbs by Reader's Digest $45.00
The history of herbs, their uses and methods of cultivation are fascinating and rewarding topics that have much relevance in today's search for a more 'natural' way of life. This beautiful, comprehensive volume provides everything you need to know about herbs and how to use them in just about every aspect of your life. Hundreds of hints, tips, recipes and projects will show you how to ban harsh cleaning chemicals from your home, relieve the symptoms of illness, add sensational flavours to your cooking and much more.

In addition Buy Here>>

New Book by Jan Faull

Amazing Minds: The Science of Nurturing Your Child's Developing Mind with Games, Activites Andmore by Jan Faull $19.95
A noted parenting expert provides the latest research on child development and offers games and activities parents can use to support their child's natural abilities.
Drawing on the latest fascinating research in child brain development, noted parenting expert Jan Faull gives parents the essential tools to recognize and encourage their child's natural development- and have fun with their kids in the process. Simple to use and easy to understand, the techniques in "Amazing Minds" show parents how to support their children's capacity for learning Buy Here>>

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