Microgreens, Manhood, Lifeboat Cities, If Not Now When
Newsletter 14 September 2010

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With Compliments
Judy and Michael

Dear reader,
We have included some stationery books this week, some quite quirky, some for the thoughtful moments or for reminding ourselves that life is pretty good after all. Microgreens, how to grow nature's own superfood with no travel miles. New Manhood, a revision of Steve Biddulph’s best selling book (we have had men buying it for their mates it’s so good). Lifeboat Cities, a long hard look at the social and ecological challenges facing Australia. The Food Cure for Kids, a nutritional approach to a child's wellness. Thai Street Food, recreate the taste sensations of your holidays. Adobe Homes for All Climates, simple, affordable, and natural building techniques for a beautiful sustainable home. Keep Calm & Carry on Journal, quirky, fun and lovely quality. The Knitter's Bible Stitch Library, over 200 knitted stitches for creative knitters to discover, learn and use. Enjoy! As we love to. Judy and Michael

New Book by Fionna Hill

Microgreens: How to Grow Nature's Own Superfood by Fionna Hill $26.92

Microgreens are the first true leaves of herbs and vegetables -- and today's hottest gourmet garnish.

"Microgreens" is a practical guide to growing arugula and other popular mini-greens that offer a multitude of colors, textures and distinct flavors, as well as high levels of concentrated active compounds. Microgreens pack a powerful nutritional punch, are easily grown in containers as small as a bowl and can be ready to harvest in a week, giving quick rewards for the effort.

Fionna Hill offers expert guidance on successfully growing Buy Here>>

New Book by Eileen Johnson

The French Table by Eileen Johnson $29.99
Lovers of al things French will delight in these stories and recipes deriving from both the French city and countryside--from Paris to Provence to Saignon, a tiny medieval town in the Luberon Mountains. Beautiful photography illustrates the pleasure of a well-laid table, whether an intimate breakfast or a dinner party with friends.

Entertaining in the French Style gives readers a glimpse into the everyday lives of French artists, farmers, chefs, and cheesemakers Buy Here>>

Revised Edition of the best seller by Steve Biddulph

New Manhood The handbook for a new kind of man by Steve Biddulph $29.95
Since its initial publication in 1994, MANHOOD has had a profound emotional impact on thousands of men and women. It has sold over 150 000 copies in Australia and New Zealand, making it the most popular book on men's lives in both countries.
Steve Biddulph uses stories, humour and a refreshingly honest style of writing that resonates with both men and women. In MANHOOD, he tackles two critical social issues: creating a healthy masculinity, and how men can free themselves from crippling and outdated roles. This new edition has been specially revised and updated to meet the needs of younger readers Buy Here>>

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