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Newsletter 22 September 2010

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Dear reader,
We have another beautiful mixture of books for you this week, to cruise through and enjoy. Home Studies, a revealing collection of photographs of beautiful mid-century designer’s interiors. Reeds Skipper's Handbook, a best seller reprinted as a quick reference in a pocket size. Prescription for Nutritional Healing, A practical reference to drug-free remedies using vitamins, minerals, herbs & food supplements. My Quotable Kid, record those priceless quotes children are so good at. Cute and Easy Baby Knits, with 25 beautiful designs for special gifts or your own baby. Culinary Tea, the world’s oldest ingredient in a collection of very unusual recipes. The Sacred Balance, revisit or discover David Suzuki’s books and philosophies before his upcoming visit to Australia. Enjoy! Judy and Michael

New Book by Cynthia Gold

Culinary Tea: More Than 100 Recipes Steeped in Tradition from Around the World by Cynthia Gold $34.42
This cutting-edge tome on one of the world's oldest ingredients and most popular beverages will be an invaluable tool for both home and professional cooks. Gold and Stern offer new ways of looking at tea: the leaves with a history stretching thousands of years is now a secret weapon in the culinary arsenal.

Tea in its many forms has been around for thousands of years, and is a burgeoning industry in many countries as the demand for specialty leaves grows. Read all about the picking and drying techniques virtually unchanged for centuries Buy Here>>

New Book by Susan C. Pinsky

The Fast and Furious Five-Step Organizing Solution: No-Fuss Clutter Control from a Top Porfessional Organizer by Susan C. Pinsky $29.99
Feel like you're buried in clutter? In desperate need of an organizational overhaul? Having trouble finding your first-born underneath all those toys? With "The Fast and Furious Five-Step Organizing Solution," you can turn your chaotic casa into a peaceful palace in just five easy steps. Author and professional organizer Susan Pinsky will guide you through every room and space, providing you with tactical strategies and simple solutions for transforming your home (and your family ) into an efficient Buy Here>>

New Book by Amy Barickman

Amy Barickman's Vintage Notions: An Inspirational Guide to Needlework, Cooking, Sewing, Fashion, & Fun by Amy Barickman $44.93
The home arts are back. Americans may be buying less these days, but they're investing more than ever in life at home. Cooking, sewing, knitting and fashion-design, as well as crafting, gardening, recycling/refashioning and home improvement, are exploding as evidenced by Lifetime TV's "Project Runway," the D.I.Y. network and the fast-growing Etsy website. At the forefront of this trend is domestic arts industry leader Amy Barickman.

Amy wrote Vintage Notions to inspire readers to parlay their hobbies into a lifestyle that promises personal reward Buy Here>>

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