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Newsletter 7 October 2010

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Dear reader,
With the change to Daylight Saving there seems to be more time to do “things”, be it cooking or gardening or just sitting on the verandah with a good book. Enjoy your extra sunshine hours with a good read. The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating, an intriguing and engaging look at the life of a snail. The Gourmet Cookie Book, the magazine’s best recipe’s from 1941 on, a taste, biscuits filled with cream & Irish Whiskey to the best of Christmas butter biscuits. Here On Earth, Tin Flannery’s latest book on an argument for hope for the Earth, our home and the power of our species. Kitchen, Nigella Lawson’s latest luscious book takes us back to the joys of cooking and the simple pleasures at the heart of a home. Cowl Girls, the neck's big thing to knit. 2011 Daily Brain Games Calendar, a calendar to give your brain a lift every day. A Certain Style, Tricia Guild takes us on a journey through design and beauty. Sustainable House, an inner city house turned sustainable in the 90’s and its evolution to today.
Enjoy! As we love to do.

New Book by Joanne Hambrett

Passion for Place by Joanne Hambrett $59.95
Cradled within the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area west of Sydney, the cool-climate gardens and 'hill stations' of Mount Wilson, Mount Tomah and Mount Irvine reveal their enduring beauty and delights, both subtle and bold. Showcased through Brown's beautiful photographs, the gardens range from those mellowed by over a century of growing time through the golden years between the wars, to those tackling the challenges of modern day gardening.

Dense cool climate plantings Buy Here>>

New Book by Karen Kostyal

Great Migrations: Epic Animal Journeys by Karen Kostyal $52.50
With more than 250 color photographs, at turns arresting and gorgeous, this stunning companion includes all of the epic animal dramas that are featured in the unprecedented high definition television event to air on the National Geographic Channel. In a world of changing global temperatures both on land and in the sea, the annual migrations of animals include amazing stories of incredible strength and the will to survive. Capitalizing on new technology and the subsequent means of tracking animals Buy Here>>

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