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Newsletter 25 April 2008

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With Compliments
Judy, Michael, Derek

Hello reader
Unmani's book "I Am Life Itself" takes us beyond the concerns of the mind into the ocean of nothingness. Seldom is it possible to meet a Zen Master in these times. Unmani seems to embody that wisdom which is reflected in her book. Buy it without thinking.
Also enjoy Doreen Virtue's new book Solomon's Angels.
Enjoy as we do Judy, Michael and Derek.

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I Am Life Itself by Unmani $17.95
'Recognition of Life as it is, is recognition of what is already and has always been: not-knowing. This is what I am. Absolutely innocent not knowing. In not-knowing there is no doubt. In not-knowing there is absolute clarity. Simply the direct recognition of what is. 'Life is. There is no one living it. It is not 'my life'. There is no 'me' that lives. But I am Life. This 'I' is not a personalised 'me'. It is not an assumed separate person. There is no implied separation between the writer and the reader. This 'I' is 'you'. This 'I' is all that is. I am Life itself.' Buy Here>>>

Solomon's Angels by Doreen Virtue $22.95
In Solomon's Angels, Doreen Virtue's first novel, which is based on thoroughly researched historical, biblical and archaeological information, you'll see how Solomon and Makeda's meeting changed lives forever. You'll peek over the Queen of Sheba's shoulder and discover the ancient secrets about how Solomon's temple was built, and the role that the archangels and sacred geometry played in its manifestation. Solomon and Makeda's magically romantic story will inspire you in many ways. Buy here>>>
Dr John Demartini now on Australian tour April 28th to May 13th. His books & CDs here >>>
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