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Newsletter 4 March 2011

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With Compliments
Judy and Michael

Dear reader,
There are just so many fascinating and beautiful books in this week's newsletter across all the genre, they were very distracting. Do immerse yourself and enjoy as we do.
Walls, ideas of an acclaimed French interior designer for creating a truly original & beautiful house. Bike Repair Manual, bikes used to be so simple, but with the more sophisticated technology this will help to keep them at optimum performance. Taunton's Complete Guide to Growing Vegetables and Herbs, is packed with inspiring images and ideas for those moving back to their own vegi patches, check out the internal page preview. The Metabolism Miracle, with the quiet & ever increasing use of wheat in our food these days, this gives a good deal of food for thought. The Lost Art of Happiness, a pebble ripples far, comes to mind with this book, a fresh look at happiness. Complexion Perfection, a better investment than makeup! Turkey, take your taste buds on a journey through Turkey. The Longevity Project a really fascinating long term study providing clues to a long life. Judy and Michael

New Book by Florence De Dampierre

Walls: Fresco . Wood Paneling . Stenciling . Wallpaper by Florence De Dampierre $81.00
From acclaimed French interior designer and decorative arts historian Florence de Dampierre comes an inspiring collection of the best decorative wall treatments. Throughout history, there has been a desire to express the esprit of a period by decorating the walls of our homes. From Italianate murals in Renaissance villas and the whimsical painted panels of the Mus'e Carnavalet, to English Arts and Crafts wallpaper and Frederic Church's stenciled homestead Olana?Buy Here>>

New Book by Publishers of Fine Gardening &. Kitchen

Taunton's Complete Guide to Growing Vegetables and Herbs by Publishers of Fine Gardening &. Kitchen $33.68
From planning and planting to harvesting, this is the most comprehensive and authoritative guide to growing your own vegetables and herbs. That's good news for gardeners everywhere, as the 'eat local' movement continues to gain momentum across the country. What to grow? Where to plant it? How to get the most from your garden? It's all in here.

First-rate gardening pros share their expertise on designing a garden of any size, as well as fundamentals about soil?Buy Here>>

New Book by Diane Kress

The Metabolism Miracle: 3 Easy Steps to Regain Control of Your Weight Permanently by Diane Kress $24.99
Do you keep gaining weight, despite your efforts to diet? Do the pounds accumulate around your tummy? Do you feel tired, irritable, and unable to focus? If you answered "yes" to any of the above, you may be one of the millions who have Metabolism B, an inherited condition that causes your body to overprocess carbohydrate foods into excess body fat. There is a reason that some people can eat all they want (and seemingly never gain a pound), while the rest of us fret over every carb.

Diane Kress?Buy Here>>

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