Jelly Shots, Food Intolerance, Flea Markets of France, Geothermal
Newsletter 20 May 2011

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With Compliments
Judy and Michael

Dear reader,
There are times when we see all these fascinating and beautiful books go through, that you wish you could simply "plug" into them and absorb it all, but then it wouldn't be quite the same.
Livwise, Olivia Newton-John is certainly a very good advertisement for her cookbook. Food Intolerance Management Plan, Aussie Sue Shepherd's latest book on a growing problem in today's society. My Time , how to plan and get the best out of retirement. The Web-Savvy Patient, become active in your health care with research sources that inform reliably. The Flea Markets of France, surely a highlight of any visit to France. Magic, a little something different for your scrapbooking or journals. Jelly Shot Test Kitchen, A cocktail in a jelly, just don't let the kids near them. The Smart Guide to Geothermal, how to harvest earth's free energy for heating & cooling.
Enjoy! Judy and Michael

New Book by Wendyl Nissen

A Home Companion by Wendyl Nissen $24.99
The tale of a year-long journey from straight-talking, hard-bitten journalist to green goddess - complete with fabulous recipes and experimental disasters - all told in a smart, funny and self deprecating fashion.
Wendyl Nissen is well-known as a straight-talking journalist whose career has seen her edit top-selling magazines, produce groundbreaking television documentaries and take on talkback radio callers without batting a heavily made-up eyelid. But what happened when she let three chickens called Marigold?Buy Here>>

New Book by Newton-John, Olivia

Livwise by Newton-John, Olivia $39.99
Olivia Newton-John is a woman who radiates health, positivity and wellbeing. She is often asked, "how do you do it"? In Livwise, Olivia explains her belief in the importance of eating a healthy diet in order to maintain wellness and balance.

This book will introduce you to ways of eating and living that will keep you in good health and happiness.These simple, wholesome, tasty recipes are the ones Olivia loves to cook for her family, some created in her own kitchen and others contributed by friends and chefs at her Australian health retreat?Buy Here>>

New Book by Sue Shepherd

Food Intolerance Management Plan The by Sue Shepherd $35.00

The Food Intolerance Management Plan is a scientifically developed program and comprehensive recipe book for those suffering from common digestive illness.

Based on the revolutionary Low-FODMAP Diet, it shows people with food intolerances how to enjoy their food while remaining free of the symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome and related conditions, such as gluten, fructose, lactose and wheat intolerances.

Authors Dr Sue Shepherd and Dr Peter Gibson are world leaders in the area. They explain the conditions that affect one in five Australians?Buy Here>>

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