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Newsletter 30 June 2011

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Dear reader,
As predicted by The Mayans, the planets are now aligning their positions, which occurs every 13, 000 years. We are now in the photon belt, being embraced by waves of energy and light. The beneficial changes are spiritual, physical, mental and within Gaia. Many titles we select for our newsletters are there to assist us in these changes. The 2012 Calendars and Almanacs are now coming into stock and are also included for you. Enjoy! Judy and Michael

New Book by Thomas Moore

Care of the Soul in Medicine: Healing Guidance for Patients, Families, and the People Who Care for Them by Thomas Moore $19.95
Few experiences stir the emotions and throw a person into crisis as illness does. If affects not only the body but also the spirit and soul. Illness is about life and death, fear and hope, love and conflict, spirit and body. And yet, the healthcare system is not structured around these considerations--our doctors and other medical professionals are not trained to deal with the whole person.
"Care of the Soul In Medicine" is Moore's manifesto about the future of healthcare.
In this new vision of care?Buy Here>>

New Book by Vianna Stibal

Advanced Thetahealing: Harnessing the Power of All That Is by Vianna Stibal $19.95
In her first book," " Vianna Stibal, the creator of "Theta Healing, " introduced this amazing technique to the world. Based on thousands of sessions with clients who have experienced remarkable healings with Vianna, this comprehensive follow-up is an in-depth exploration of the work and processes central to ThetaHealing.
As you read, you will learn about Feeling, Belief, and Digging Work; and also be given information on the 7 Planes of Existence, which allow you to connect to the highest level of love and energy of All That IS. "This is advanced energy healing that will enable you to enhance your life physically?Buy Here>>

New Audio Book by David Perlmutter

Power Up Your Brain: The Neuroscience of Enlightenment Audio Book by David Perlmutter $34.95

The quest for enlightenment has occupied mankind for millennia. And from the depictions we've seen--monks sitting on meditation cushions, nuns kneeling in prayer, shamans communing with the universe--it seems that this elusive state is reserved for a chosen few. But now, neuroscientist David Perlmutter and medical anthropologist and shaman Alberto Villoldo have come together to explore the commonalities between their specialties with the aim of making enlightenment possible for anyone.Joining the long-separated worlds of science and spirit?Buy Here>>

New Cards by Lucy Cavendish

Oracle of the Shapeshifters Cards by Lucy Cavendish $34.95
Features 45 Cards and detailed 164 page guidebook, packaged in a hard-cover box set.
Are you ready to change? You now hold in your hands a tool for learning great secrets, one that has been shut a long time.
Within its pages are messages from magickal familiars, once the companions of shamans, witches, wizards and wise ones - and now, they are here for you.
These mystical allies possess the hidden knowledge of shapeshifting, camouflage, change, invisibility and metamorphosis.
They are ready to share their very honest?Buy Here>>

New Cards by Heidi Woodman

Mayan Key Oracle Cards Cards by Heidi Woodman $29.95
These beautifully presented Mayan Key Oracle Cards connect with the ancient wisdom and beauty of spirit, woven into the insightful nature of the Mayan Calendar. Easy to use and full of inspiration, this beautifully coloured set of 33 cards and guidebook will inspire and empower you to evolve in the changing world of today. The cards feature the full array of mayan glyphs as sculpted by the highly talented ceramic artist, Heidi Woodman. The cards are designed to offer guidance and are no more than an energetic platform from which you may find your own answers to help bring about life change where it is desired ?Buy Here>>

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