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Newsletter 8 July 2011

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Judy and Michael

Dear reader,
We so often hear others say that something happened just at the right time. It may be a book or CD that you hear about or a telephone call or some news that is life changing for you. What is really happening is that we have evolved enough and we are ready to receive that message. We have some great and exciting books and CDs for you, within these pages, which we know will be life changing. Enjoy! Judy and Michael

New CD by Maoshing Ni

Qi Meditations: Guided Visualizations for Self-Healing CD by Maoshing Ni $24.95
Two billion people rely on Chinese medicine and its centuries-old wellness tradition. An integral component of this system that is now gaining recognition in the West are "qi meditations," which use guided visualization, breathwork, and gentle movements to balance and cultivate our energy for a long and healthy life.

On Qi Meditations, traditional Chinese medical doctor Mao Shing Ni shares these time-tested techniques to help you achieve greater control over your own health and healing. After discussing essential tenets of Chinese medicine?including the five principles of self-healing?Buy Here>>

New CD by Lucinda Drayton

Letting Go of Fear CD by Lucinda Drayton $24.95
This is the third CD in the Simple Truths series by Lucinda Drayton is an inspirational three-track meditation to help the listener to manage and overcome their worst fears. This CD will help you to embrace your fears in order to let them go. The three meditations will help you to walk right up to your fear and look it in the eyes. They will support you as you learn about your fear and wrap you in peace as you fill yourself with pure powerful thoughts that simply replace fearful ones?Buy Here>>

New Audio Book by Mitchell Coombes

Sensing Spirit Audio Book by Mitchell Coombes $39.95
The audio book contains the answers to frequently asked psychic questions: 'Can Spirits tell us winning lottery numbers? 'Do pets have sixth sense?' and 'Do spirits watch us all the time?' He also includes a helpful guide to what to expect when meeting a psychic medium and explores the tools of the trade - crystal balls, tarot cards, psychometry.

This title has been narrated by the author himself.

Celebrity psychic medium Mitchell Coombes provides the listener with an intriguing and illuminating insight into the world of Spirit?Buy Here>>

New Audio Book by Geneen Roth

Take Back Your Life: Ending Your Obsession with Food 2 CD Audio Book by Geneen Roth $24.99
An audio exclusive program from the #1 "New York Times "bestselling author of "Women, Food and God, "Geneen Roth. Unabridged Compact Disk, 2 disks

Geneen Roth is the author of eight books, including the"New Geneen Roth is the author of eight books, including the"New York Times" bestselling "When Food is Love" and "The Craggy York Times" bestselling "When Food is Love" and "The Craggy Hole in My Heart and the Cat Who Fixed It", a memoir. She haHole in My Heart and the Cat Who Fixed It"?Buy Here>>

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