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Newsletter 13 July 2011

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With Compliments
Judy and Michael

Dear reader,
The new edition of Australia's top selling Health Book for 25 years, "Laugh With Health" by Manfred Kosch is now available. The book is Your Complete Guide to Health, Diet, Nutrition and Natural Foods. A must have book for every family.
New book by Dr Martin Seligman, Flourish: A new understanding of Life's Greatest Goals- and what it takes to reach them.
If you do not have time to meditate then ... just meditate and you will have so much time, try it with some of the CDs we have available. Enjoy! Judy and Michael.

New Book by Martin Seligman

Flourish by Martin Seligman $32.95
Flourish: A new understanding of Life's Greatest Goals- and what it takes to reach them. In this groundbreaking book, one of the world's foremost academic psychologists- and founder of the Positive Psychology movement- offers a new theory on what makes people flourish and how to truly get the most out of life. Eight years have passed since the publication of Dr Seligman's internationally bestselling Authentic Happiness. As a highly esteemed psychologist, Dr Seligman has been on the cutting edge of psychological research for over two decades?Buy Here>>

New Book by Manfred Koch

Laugh With Health - Your Complete Guide to Health, Diet, Nutrition and Natural Foods by Manfred Koch $39.95
Laugh with Health is the complete body system guide to health and healing. Now completely revised and updated, this practical, easy-to-use book includes:

- unique food charts and vital health hints for everyday use
- a detailed explanation of 36 essential vitamins and minerals
- food combination charts for improved digestion and health
- simple recipe ideas based on a full range of natural foods
- specific natural food diets for various common health conditions

Recommended by medical doctors and naturopaths?Buy Here>>

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