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Newsletter 20 January 2012

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Green Sheep, Balloon Blasts and Two Headed Numbats... Australia is a land of curious things. To celebrate Australia Day this month we paint a picture of our country with the books of our favourite Australian children's authors. 'Big River, Little Fish', 'Flood', 'Where There's Smoke' and 'Tobias Blow', these books share the many colours of our weather, reminding children of the strength of our community and the power of nature. 'Starjumps', 'Audrey of The Outback', and 'Our World', reveal the many faces of the landscape; from a drought ridden farm to the adventures of the outback, and life in a remote indigenous community. Was he a hero? Was he a villain? 'The Hunt For Ned Kelly' brings the past alive in the style of historical fiction. And so too does 'Captain Cook's Apprentice'. Take a peek below and discover many more books that will remind you and your children why it is we call this place home.

Happy Reading, Michelle, Michael and Judy.

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