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Newsletter 9 January 2012

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Be the change in this new year! We have an extra large newsletter this month brimming with books to aid you on your spiritual journey and improve your life in 2012. Titles to help you get in touch with your true self, unleash your full potential and be grateful for what is present in your life. And some great new releases: Expand your mind with the long awaited The Convoluted Universe: Book Four. Dolores Cannon opens up new ways of thinking and looking at our world by exploring unknown metaphysical theories and concepts. Journey to deep inner peace through quantum physics with The Secret of Quantum Living. Influence your body by changing your mind with Thetahealing Diseases and Disorders.
Joy & Peace for the New Year, Judy, Michelle & Michael

New Book by Dolores Cannon

The Convoluted Universe: Book Four by Dolores Cannon $22.95

This is the fourth volume in the series in the wildly successful "Convoluted Universe" series. Premier hypnotherapist, and psychic researcher Dolores Cannon does it again. Using deep hypnosis and past life regression techniques, she presents mind-blowing theories and concepts originating from other dimensions. By opening up new ways of thinking and looking at our world and our reality, the reader is able to create a new consciousness that is needed in our time now. Buy Here>>

New Book by Frank J. Kinslow

The Secret of Quantum Living by Frank J. Kinslow $19.95

For years people have been waiting for a book that merges the abstract Eastern philosophy of inner peace with the scientific applications of quantum physics.
Well, that book has finally arrived "The Secret of Quantum Living" is a straightforward guide that offers profound spiritual insights "and" a practical, easy-to-apply process for healing and harmonious living.Buy Here>>

New Book by Vianna Stibal

Thetahealing Diseases and Disorders by Vianna Stibal $24.95

This definitive guide to releasing disease from an intuitive perspective is the companion to the books "ThetaHealing""(R) "and "Advanced ThetaHealing""(R)," which introduced this amazing technique and its powerful applications to a global audience. More and more people are now realizing that changing how their minds influence their bodies can be of huge value in creating optimal health. Buy Here>>

New Book by Diane Kress

The Diabetes Miracle by Diane Kress $29.95

From the "New York Times" bestselling author of "The Metabolism Miracle: " a breakthrough carb-controlled diet for the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes. Diane Kress's the metabolism miracle is a phenomenally popular approach to weight loss. In "The Diabetes Miracle" she refines her breakthrough diet to help readers prevent and control type 2 diabetes, with little to no medication.Buy Here>>

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