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Newsletter 28 August 2012

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Caroline Myss brings us with her latest audio book, The Dark Side of Light Chasers a window into reconciling our darker impulses and understanding the gifts they bring and thereby reclaiming our wholeness again, an unusual perspective. Meditation for Your Life : Creating a Plan That Suits Your Style enables you to develop your own unique form of meditation that suits your personality or lifestyle. The Alchemy of Quantum Mind Feng Shui is not just a book on feng shui but takes the principles and uses them with the chakras of the body, oils, stones, mudras, and meditations to help you fulfil your dreams. Patrick Bernard brings us four new blissful CD's, Mantra Mandala for meditation, yoga and healing practices, Atlantis Angelis 2 inspired by the lost civilization of Atlantis, Supreme Moment for use in stress-relief, relaxation or healing and Yogini Divine Feminine Nature for your meditation or spiritual work. And how close is the year 2013? The best year in the history of mankind! Help be inspired with a selection of beautiful wall calendars. Enjoy! Judy Michelle Michael

New Book by Brandon Bays

Living the Journey: by Brandon Bays $17.95
Using the Journey Method to Heal Your Life and Set Yourself Free
In this compilation of inspiring stories, edited by renowned healing expert Brandon Bays, practitioners of The Journey method share their powerful experiences with natural healing.In 1992 Brandon Bays was diagnosed with a basketball-sized tumor in her uterus. With her extensive background in alternative health, she felt a strong desire to heal naturally, and refused surgery.

Buy Here>>

New Audio Book by Debbie Ford

The Dark Side of Light Chasers Audio Book by Debbie Ford $27.95
Debbie Ford guides us past the self-punishing patterns that often bind us. Her ideas are exceptionally compelling.
Marianne Williamson, author of A Course in Weight Loss

What are we hiding from ourselves?
Why do we find ourselves disproportionately angry with the selfishness of a friend, the laziness of a co-worker, the arrogance of a family member or even the rudeness of a stranger. Why do the same old things get to us so easily, and so intensely? Our "same old things." Debbie Ford explainsBuy Here>>

New Book by Davidji

Secrets of Meditation Master Your Moments by Davidji $19.95
A Practical Guide to Inner Peace and Personal Transformation
Tap in to the limitless supply of what the Universe has to offer . . .

It is my hope that you meditate. It is my belief that we will change the world through meditation. It is my understanding that connecting to the stillness and silence within allows each of us to live life with expanded awareness, deeper compassion, and greater fulfillment. It is my experience that time spent in stillness and silence can open your heart to the true depth of your universal essence.Buy Here>>

New Audio Book by Caroline Myss

What Makes Us Healthy? 6 Disc Audio Book Audio Book by Caroline Myss $49.95
Understanding Mystical Law and Your Parallel Reality

In What Makes Us Healthy? best-selling author and internationally renowned speaker Caroline Myss delivers a thought-provoking live lecture on the current state of our health, exploring the mystical forces that create disease or wellness. Describing our evolving ? and often misguided ? relationship with well-being, Myss explains that to truly be healthy, we need a better understanding of ourselves and the factors that influence our lives. She shows us that we must move away from the illusion that the physical world of money?Buy Here>>

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