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Newsletter 3 October 2012

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We have great pleasure in presenting a selection of titles for you to choose from. All have benefits for your wellbeing of Mind, Body and Spirit. A clash of worldviews, Science vs Spirituality is presented in War of the Worldviews by Deepak Chopra and Leonard Mlodinow , a respectful encounter of two great thinkers. Enhance your medical cupboard with Berke Lennihan?s Your Natural Medicine Cabinet with fast-acting natural remedies, covering 100 common ailments. Linda Hoy in The Effect invites you to explore the parallel worlds of ancient wisdom & spirituality to quantum mechanics & physics. For those wishing to undertake a inspirational journey of the spirit The Sharman?s Quest by Nevill Drury describes the journeys of four shamans from Australia, Canada, Japan and South America. In our search for meaning in our lives Alain De Botton with Religion for Atheists suggests that religions can provide many valuable ideas to benefit us, even if we aren?t religious, taking the best of the great minds of the past. The eminent Dr Rajiv Parti presents twelve holistic principles in The Soul of Wellness , to enhance western medicine and achieve full health. Enjoy! Judy Michelle Michael

New Cards by Diana Cooper

Ascension Cards: Accelerate Your Journey to the Light Cards by Diana Cooper $24.95
These beautiful cards are designed to assist those seeking to start on a personal ascension path or to accelerate journeys to the light. Each of the 52 cards offers a description of a specific ascension energy or Ascended Master, guidance on its use, and an affirmation to assist with assimilation of the wisdom. Through them, individuals will work with the gold and silver violet flame for transformation and to raise the energy in themselves and others, call in unconditional love Buy Here>>

New CD by Alana Fairchild

Past Life healing CD by Alana Fairchild $24.95
Meditations To Release The Past and Enrich The Present
Your Soul has quite a story to tell. Sometimes the patterns in your life that won?t heal, despite your best efforts, are actually your Soul trying to get your attention. Once you go back and release the past, you become free in this lifetime to move on.

Past life healing is not about avoiding the present, but about enriching it, bringing more of our soul energy that spans many lifetimes into this lifetime Buy Here>>

New Book by Anodea Judith

Creating on Purpose by Anodea Judith $22.95
The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting Through the Chakras
You may have seen the movies and read the books about manifestation, but your power to create your dreams still seems to be missing the mark. Don't throw in the towel yet-there's a radically new approach that may reveal the missing piece of the puzzle. With Creating on Purpose, innovative teachers Anodea Judith and Lion Goodman present a comprehensive, systematic method for realizing your highest aspirations. Shared with thousands in their popular nationwide workshops Buy Here>>

New Book by Deepak Chopra

War of the Worldviews: Science vs. Spirituality by Deepak Chopra $19.95
Two bestselling authors first met in a televised Caltech debate on "the future of God," one an articulate advocate for spirituality, the other a prominent physicist. This remarkable book is the product of that serendipitous encounter and the contentious--but respectful--clash of worldviews that grew along with their friendship.
In "War of the Worldviews" these two great thinkers battle over the cosmos, evolution and life, the human brain, and God, probing the fundamental questions that define the human experience Buy Here>>

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