Heart Fire, Love Oracle, Healthy Aging, Probiotic Drinks, Emotional Intelligence
Newsletter 13 June 2014

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Heart Fire, Love Oracle, Healthy Aging, Probiotic Drinks, Emotional Intelligence This month's newsletter is just packed with fascinating and thought provoking books, as well as exquisite Tarot and Oracle cards, some tactile and beautiful journals for the writers amongst us, absolutely intriguing DVD's and for those with an appreciation of music or they simply prefer their information in audio format, a range of CD's.
Some highlights:
--Herbs for Healthy Aging by David Hoffmann an eminent herbalist guide to ensuring we make the most of our "Golden Years". -Power vs. Force by David R Hawkins "The universe holds its breath as we choose, instant by instant" -You Are the Placebo by Joe Dispenza , utilising the power of the brain to cure the body. -Delicious Probiotic Drinks by Julia Mueller , a fortune is spent on commercial products which can be full of sugar, this looks quite delicious. --Tending the Heart Fire: Living in Flow with the Pulse of Life by Shiva Rea the celebrated yogini, her very first book, guiding us to reclaiming our true power as creative, vibrant, and intuitive beings.

New CD by James Finley

Meister Eckhart's Living Wisdom: Indestructible Joy and the Path of Letting Go CD by James Finley $74.95
The Teachings of Meister Eckhart: An Invitation to Experience God in Every Moment
The 13th-century mystic Meister Eckhart was the most brilliant Christian scholar of his day, but he was also legendary for the way that he opened listeners to the direct experience of God during his public talks. Today, his written wisdom remains alive as ever, ready to illuminate us.
With Meister Eckhart's Living Wisdom, James Finley, one of today?s best-known teachers of the Christian contemplative tradition?Buy Here>>

New CD by Bruce Lipton Phd

The Honeymoon Effect: The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth CD by Bruce Lipton Phd $31.95
The Honeymoon Effect: A state of bliss, passion, energy, and health resulting from a huge love. Your life is so beautiful that you can't wait to get up to start a new day and you thank the Universe that you are alive.
Think back on the most spectacular love affair of your life-the Big One that toppled you head over heels. For most, it was a time of heartfelt bliss, robust health, and abundant energy-a first-hand experience of Heaven on Earth.
It was the Honeymoon Effect that was to last forever. Unfortunately?Buy Here>>

New CD by Gregg Braden

The Turning Point: Creating Resilience in a Time of Extremes CD by Gregg Braden $44.95

There's a time when every crisis can become transformation; when simply surviving can become joyous thriving. In our lives that time is The Turning Point. In our world that time is now!
We live in a time of extremes. And because the conditions of global finance, markets, resources, and jobs touch so much of our lives, we can no longer separate our everyday routines from the extremes of the world. The crises of climate change, extreme weather and failing economies?Buy Here>>

New Book by Joe Dispenza

You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter by Joe Dispenza $29.95
Is it possible to heal by thought alone--without drugs or surgery? The truth is that it happens more often than you might expect. In You Are the Placebo, Dr. Joe Dispenza shares numerous documented cases of those who reversed cancer, heart disease, depression, crippling arthritis, and even the tremors of Parkinson's disease by believing in a placebo. Similarly, Dr. Joe tells of how others have gotten sick and even died the victims of a hex or voodoo curse--or after being misdiagnosed with a fatal illness?Buy Here>>

New Book by David Hoffmann

Herbs for Healthy Aging: Natural Prescriptions for Vibrant Health by David Hoffmann $24.95
In this herbal guide to healthy aging, medical herbalist David Hoffmann discusses how to maintain the body's vitality as we age and how to treat and prevent the health concerns brought about by aging. He provides herbal treatments to restore and protect each of the body's major systems--from the muscles, bones, and digestive system to the pulmonary, cardiovascular, and reproductive organs--as well as herbal remedies for specific ailments such as prostate enlargement?Buy Here>>

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