Wayne Dyer's New Book and Audio Book plus Stuart Wilde's New 4CD set
Newsletter 21 May 2009

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With Compliments
Judy, Michael, Derek

Dear reader,
Dr Wayne Dyer has just released his new book Excuses Begone!. In this groundbreaking work such a book is life changing for every reader. Dr Dyer has an international reputation as one of the most qualified authors and respected people in the field of self-empowerment. His book is supported by the release of 2 CD sets, his audio book and his lectures on Excuses Begone!
A first in Australia is the production of the 4CD set of a live recording of Stuart Wilde's workshop Developing The Sixth Sense. Enjoy our other great new releases :-)
Love Derek, Michael and Judy.

Wayne Dyer New Book Hardback Excuses Begone!

Excuses Begone by Wayne Dyer Hardback $39.95
How to Change Lifelong, Self-Defeating Thinking Habits:
Within the pages of this transformational book, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer reveals how to change the self-defeating thinking patterns that have prevented you from living at the highest levels of success, happiness, and health. In this groundbreaking work, Wayne presents a compendium of conscious and subconscious crutches employed by virtually everyone, along with ways to cast them aside once and for all. You'll learn to apply specific questions to any excuse, and then proceed through the steps of a new" "paradigm. Buy Here>>

Wayne Dyer AudioBook Excuses Begone! 8 CD set Unabridged
Excuses Begone!: How to Change Lifelong, Self-Defeating Thinking Habits 8CD set by Dr Wayne Dyer $49.95 Audio Book 8-CD SET: - Within the tracks of this transformational CD set, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer reveals how to change the self-defeating thinking patterns that have prevented you from living at the highest levels of success, happiness, and health.Buy Here>>
Wayne Dyer 7 CD set Excuses Begone! Lecture series
Excuses Begone!: Lecture series 7 CD set by Dr Wayne Dyer
$59.957 CD SET - Includes Bonus CD by Ram Das- Lecture - Learn once and for all how to change your thoughts to improve the quality of your life: "no more excuses!"
In this exciting live presentation recorded in Maui, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer reveals a powerful seven-step paradigm that will allow you to drop your excuses and change the lifelong thinking habits that prevent you from living at your highest levels of happiness and success.Buy Here>>
Stuart Wilde New 4CD set Developing The Sixth Sense
Developing The Sixth Sense 4CD set by Stuart Wilde $49.95
A Classic Live Recording of a Seminar from Stuart Wilde In this modern world our senses are bombarded by countless messages and consequently the sensitivity of our perception has paid a heavy price. You have the Sixth Sense within you. If you develop it and nurture yourself, it unfolds naturally. In this remarkable series Stuart Wilde teaches you how to allow your Sixth Sense to blossom. You will find your powers of inner knowing increase a hundred fold and you will always know what is going on around you - finding yourself in the right place at the right time. Buy Here>>
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