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Speech Disorders Books, CDs, DVDs

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A Handbook on Stuttering
Thomson Learning Australia
AUD $134.95

Acoustics for Audiologists
Peter Haughton
AUD $199.00

Acoustics Speech Comm: Fund Speech Perceptn
AUD $107.95

Adult Motor Speech Disorders Research Guide
AUD $54.95

American Sign Language
Humphries & Padden
AUD $103.95

American Sign Language Video Sup
Humphries & Padden
AUD $103.95

Aphasia and Related Neurogenic Language Disorders 3rd edition
LL Prof Comm Dis Fl State Uni LaPointe
AUD $140.00

Articulation & Phonological Disorders
Bernthal & Bankson
AUD $195.95

Articulation & Phonological Disorders Pie
Bernthal & Bankson Pie
AUD $129.95

Articulation Phonological Disorders CP
Bernthal & Bankson
AUD $127.95

Articulatn & Phological Disord&on Net01 Pkg
Bernthal & Leeper
AUD $218.95

Articulatn&phon&rsrch Pk
AUD $218.95

Articulatory & Phonologcl Impair&fund Valpk
Bauman-waengler & Silverm
AUD $249.95

Articulatry&phonologcl Impairments: Clinicl
AUD $12.95

Articulatry&phonologcl Impairments: Clinicl
AUD $127.95

Assistive Technology: Essentl Human Factors
AUD $97.95

Humes Bess
AUD $88.00

Audiology 3-Volume Set 2nd edition
Rose J Roeser
AUD $404.00

Audiology Diagnosis
Michael Valente
AUD $157.00

Audiology Practice Management 2nd edition
AUD $157.00

Michael Valente
AUD $160.00

Audiology Treatment
H President Hosford-Dunn
AUD $222.00

Audiology, 3-Volume Set
M Professor Valente
AUD $545.00

Audiology, Hearing Loss, and Communication Disorders
AUD $132.00

Auditory Brain Stem Evoked Potentials
AUD $145.95

Auditory Disorders in School Children
RJ Pres Tucson Audiology Inst Roeser
AUD $59.95

Auditory Evoked Potentials
Eggermont Burkard Don
AUD $165.00

Augmentative and Alternative Communication for Adults with Acquired Neurologic Disorders
Joe PhD Reichle
AUD $83.00

Aural Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities
John Oyiborhoro
AUD $136.00

Behavioral Audiologic Evaluation of Infants and Young Children
JR Director Madell
AUD $137.00

Best Practices in Educational Interpreting
AUD $72.95

Bilingual Language Development and Disorders in Spanish-English Speakers
Brian PhD Goldstein
AUD $76.00

Born to Talk: Intro Speech&language Develop Born to Talk
Hulit & Howard
AUD $122.95

Calvert's Descriptive Phonetics 3rd edition
JM Prof Audio Univ Akron OH Lynn
AUD $127.00

Calvert's Descriptive Phonetics Transcription Workbook 3rd edition
PG Prof Speech-Lang Univ Akron OH Garn-Nunn
AUD $78.00

Central Auditory Processg Disorders: Mostly
Masters & Stecker *aod*
AUD $107.95

Childhd Lang Disordrs in Contxt:Infncy Thru
AUD $109.95

Childhood Language Disorders&on Net2001 Pk
Nelson & Leeper
AUD $208.95

Childhood Motor Speech Disability
AUD $117.95

Cleft Palate Speech, Third Edition
Mary A Clin A;Prof OT Indiana Uni Hardin-Jones
AUD $194.00

Clinical Computing Competency for Speech-Language Pathologists
Paula S PhD CCC-SLP Cochran
AUD $99.00

Clinical Decision Making in Developmental Language Disorders
Alan G Kamhi
AUD $74.00

Clinical Linguistics
Louise Cummings
AUD $225.00

Clinical Linguistics
Louise Cummings
AUD $75.00

Clinical Management of Articulatory and Phonologic Disorders
Weiss Gordon-Brannan
AUD $130.90

Clinical Management of Motor Speech Disorders in Children
EA Strand
AUD $173.00

Clinical Management of Sensorimotor Speech Disorders, Second Edition
Malcolm R McNeil
AUD $110.00

Clinical Managemnt Comm Disorder&prof Valpk
AUD $138.95

Clinical Managmnt Communictn Disordr Culture
AUD $124.95

Clinical Phonetics Audio Cds Clin
Shriberg & Kent
AUD $96.95

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